Studio Shift, in collaboration with general contractor Decon Group, was invited to a limited design competition to imagine a new lobby, entry sequence and exhibition space for a progressive northern California automaker.

Utilizing the client's existing 80's era office and manufacturing structure as the basis for the design, Studio Shift crafted a new iconic entry sequence with a strong sense of directed movement in order to address circulation issues cited by the client within the existing structure. Moving through the lobby, strong geometries guide your movements into the flexible exhibition space which allows one an experience of exploration, moving around, between and beneath the exhibition structures. Ultimately, the user is guided to the cafeteria area at the rear establishing a critical connection per the client's requirements.

In a move creating additional exhibition space outdoors, the existing site was carved and retained with an exhibition wall embedded with display features and cafe seating towards the rear of the space. A full-height glass wall with large sliding panels is all that separates the indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces allowing the two areas to be joined for a seamless experience, accommodating large-scale events.

The exhibition display structures were envisioned as incremental systems capable of being scaled back or completely disassembled in order to free up the space completely as particular exhibitions required. The structures maintained flexibility in terms of use as well with the potential of being fitted out as multimedia stations, car exhibition platforms, lecture/media stages for presentations and casual lounges.

While not a project seeking LEED certification, it seeks to minimize environmental impacts through the specification of metal panels with high-recycled content, high fly-ash content concrete for the new curvilinear retaining wall, re-finishing of the existing concrete floor and a focus on natural ventilation and low consumption lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Project Team: Mario Cipresso, Jessica Chang, Garrett Helm, Ryan Ramirez

Paul Tran (Decon Group)

Renderings: Kilograph