The EOS tower emerges organically from Kuala Lumpur’s urban fabric to become, by virtue of its bold form-fluid and sinuous, a landmark in the regional skyline and a visionary model for 21st century high-rise buildings. Informed by a commitment to sustainability, connectivity, and interdependence, the EOS Tower integrates program, design and engineering in a building that engages intelligently with its unique environment. The building’s form, orientation, and skin respond to the tropical climate, focus views towards the adjacent Petronas Twin Towers, and connect with the dynamism of the city. Named for the Greek goddess of the dawn, who symbolically brings forth the new day, the EOS Tower will distinguish itself internationally as a beacon of optimism and progress.

The tower includes 625,000 square feet (S.F.) of residential apartments, 203,000 S.F. of boutique hotel, 255,000 SF of office space and 71,200 square feet of signature retail. The above program is served by a partially underground parking structure.

Project in association with Morphosis Architects.

Project Design Team: Thom Mayne (Morphosis), Mario Cipresso and Chris Warren (Studio Shift)